Spiritual Awakening

There is a lot of talk these days about Spiritually awakening, 5D ascension and energy changes all over social media and YouTube.

Fact is, things are changing, everyone can feel it, people are starting to realise there is more to life than the mundane 9-5 job and that this is just not fulfilling them on a deeper spiritual level, people are starting to wake up to other things, like government lies, warmongering, excessive consumerism, pharmaceutical companies, earth changes (for example weather and seismic activity), the food industry (more and more people are turning to being vegetarian or even vegan).

Some people seem to be aware of what effects them directly, work, debt, weather and the general discontent with governmental policies, and just become unhappy, maybe even depressed.
Others on the other hand start to dig deeper, look down the rabbit hole so to speak, while some jump straight in there.

I see people in one of four main categories, of course you have extremities like the “elite” and “yogis” however I will focus on the general population.


Main Stream

These are your ordinary people, sometimes referred to in a derogatory manner as sheeple, sheep, or sleeping people.  What one has to realise is that people who just go with the flow as it were are not generally bad people or stupid. Most actually want peace, are well intentioned and have a willingness to help others. The problem lies in the fact that they have been fully indoctrinated into a system that fulfils 3rd dimensional instinctive desires and needs. This indoctrination starts from birth and continues through school, university and work, people are bombarded with fear, consumerism, service to self, promiscuous sex, competiveness and greed.
Keeping up with their peers, the feeling of achievement, following the establishment because “they are in charge” and have “authority”.
Of course fear has kept people in line and subservient to this system. Basically it is not their fault and only a natural reaction from the indoctrination of society and media.
A good example of this is say a doctor, the doctor has a very high level of education, over average intelligence and in most cases a desire to help and heal people. Let’s say this doctor has a patient with a “mental illness” (I will not go into specifics here) – the doctor will in all likelihood recommend some psychotherapy and some pharmaceutical drugs (with horrendous side effects), and in the mind of the doctor he/she is helping and hopefully curing the “illness”, he/she has the best of intentions.
However, if you were to say to the doctor that marijuana helps or will help, most will dismiss it outright, giving you a list of side effects that in most cases is baloney, tell you that any positive effects are not proven in the medical field and of course bring up the legalities of using this natural herb.
Why is the doctor so against this plant or any other alternative therapy?
Thorough the indoctrination of the medical system, in the doctors mind this plant is bad, and he refuses to think outside the box, even the doctors that do are in fear of expressing their beliefs and certainly from recommending alternative therapies for illnesses.


Black Sheep

These are the people that like to think of themselves as a little rebellious, like to think outside the box, enjoy “weird” stories, maybe follow astrology and consider themselves open minded.

However, they only really like to tip their toe outside the box, as soon as it gets a bit much, or their peers start to ridicule them they jump straight back in the box (even if they deny this).
I notice this with a few friends in particular. I inform them of say a blatant government lie about false flags to create war, show them proof even, they sit there nod and even contribute the conversation telling me how they understand and something needs to be done, and then the very next time I see them they are back to believing war is necessary to protect us from some made up enemy.
Again they are indoctrinated by fear and media.


The Newly Awake.

The newly awake people is the vast majority of the people that class themselves as awake, they are open to most concepts that are described as conspiracy theories,  started to join dots, they do not look at you as if you are mad when you mention full Extraterrestrial disclosure, 5D ascension, Indigo/crystal/rainbow children and so on.
However, people who fall into this category struggle with balancing thoughts, 3D life is still appealing to them as they find it hard to let go of the control systems they have learned to live by. Freedom can be a scary place ironically.
They can also be guilty of jumping into another box and not being source critical. An extreme example of this is someone who believes in the Flat Earth Theory, this theory has some valid points, we are and have been lied to from day 1, NASA lie and deceive, the moon landing at best is fraught with irregularities that do not add up. However, they are so consumed by this “Flat Earth” they jump into another box, refusing to accept evidence that contradicts their new belief system, relying on MEME’s, you tube videos and so called experts that could not even pass an IQ test to gain entrance to Mensa. They seldom think for themselves and give all their power over to the new belief.
This sort of box jumping can relate to many “conspiracy” and belief systems and we all need to be wary, mindful, source critical and above all learn to go within to gain divine knowledge. Meditation and feeling what resonates with you will always help on your path.

Awakened and firmly on the path of spiritual ascension.

Once you start on this path, the dots really start to link up, your life changes beyond recognition and even though sometimes you enjoy 3D activities you are practically a mirror of the “Black Sheep”, by that I mean you will enjoy playing the 3D game for a while, but your new reality will always draw you back.


Here are signs you are fully on the awakened path of 5D ascension:

  • 3D drama’s seem trivial and sometimes meaningless to you.
    This is not to say they do not affect you, even though this may irritate you from time to time, you realise that while you still need money, food, social interaction and maybe a job of some description, you are fully aware that this is just a charade to continue to exist at this time and above all old habits – after all this change is difficult at times and one finds solace in familiarity.
  • Sleep patterns and even dreams may be effected.
    My dreams have become much more vivid and waking up while in dream state can be quite an ordeal, confusion and sometimes the inability to speak or comprehend where I am for a moment (This was scary at the beginning, but that fear has now passed).
  • Synchronicities happen often.
    Of course everyone experiences synchronicities, but now you will be far more aware of them.
    These synchronicities can also be linked with manifestations that will also occur and the more you trust yourself and the divine connection you have the more this will happen.
  • Meditation becomes far deeper and meaningful as you connect with the divine consciousness in a more profound way.
  • You will start to follow your heart and refuse to follow the indoctrination values of society.
    For example, if you work in a job that does not feel right to you, you will change that job, you will no longer be consumed by consumerism.
  • You will in all likelihood change your friendship circle as you stop being able to resonate with your old friends or even family members. Your hobbies may change also.
  • Nature becomes more important to you, as you start to feel that everything is connected.
  • Your diet will change, most likely to a vegetarian or vegan diet as you start to understand what is good for your body, eating animals is not only cruel but not so good for the energies within your body. Raw food will have the greatest feeling, while junk food loaded with sugars etc.. will just make you feel like shit.
  • You understand that love is the only way forward, wars, division, and power struggles have no place in the future.
  • Have a sadness and strong feeling you want to change the suffering in the world.
  • Your pineal gland (3rd eye) will start to activate, you will start to just “know” things , and you may have a tingling in the centre of your forehead.
  • Ringing or buzzing in your ears can happen often, even though you do not have a medical condition like tinnitus that causes this.
  • Heart palpitations can happen often in the early stages, this has now passed for me and was quite concerning at the time, luckily I knew instinctively I had no medical problems, but if you are worried or have underlying medical conditions you may want to have this checked 😉
  • Blurry vision is a common “symptom” , my wife and I both experienced this over a year ago, I was so concerned I went to an eye doctor where they prescribed glasses. They actually didn’t help after I got them, and now I have no problems at all and they sit in their case on my desk.

There are many more changes you will feel as you fully awaken and fly the path of ascension, as you will be far more aware of your thoughts and how things are you will realise this.

The new life starts here, live it, love it, and above all Shine!





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