Water Fasting – 4 Day

My First 4 day Water only fasting experience.

This is my fasting experience which I have undertaken for spiritual growth, also with the added bonus of having some allegedly really good health benefits. I will record my weight daily purely for information purposes. I will weigh myself at the end of each day, not sure if this is the correct time to weigh, but this is how I will measure it and I will be doing it at the same time each day – 22:00
Weight pre fast: 79,5Kg

Day 1 20th March 2017.

Although it is early (only midday) I feel an unusual craving for food, seeing as I often do not eat until the afternoon, sometimes evening without thinking about it, this seems strange, however I did expect this, whenever you try to abstain from something you think about it more and crave the very thing you are meant to be abstaining from.
I have a headache, as I said it is only midday on the first day and therefore cannot be a result of the fasting unless it is purely psychosomatic.
The headache lasted all day only easing a bit by the evening, slept a lot today actually due to the headache.

Summary: Not that difficult at all, just hindered by the nagging headache.
Weight end of day 1: 79,1Kg
Day 2

Woke up feeling fine, not really hungry and not tired, the only noticeable thing was a very dry mouth.
I felt a little weak, lightheaded and pretty washed out by midday and noticed it felt very nice to relax on the bed. Had a few pangs of hunger but nothing major. Mentally I felt mostly positive, a little apprehensive of how things would develop after reading some articles and watching a few youtube videos, but had to remind myself that this is my experience and as I see it as more of a spiritual journey than a  detox (even though I think a detox is good for the body and mind and hence the spirit too).
Meditation feels more potent, I seem to be able to empty my thoughts easier and I am much calmer in myself, reacting on possible stressful situations much less.
By the afternoon I was still pretty lightheaded, but only in the way that it felt like I was floating around, I also was more aware of my surroundings, colours and sounds feel a little more intense.
By the evening I had a few hunger pangs but mainly because I was thinking of nice foods I would like to eat.
I also noticed by the evening that my legs have stated to ache.
I have tried to keep my water intake up today and drunk about 4-5 pints of water in total.

Summary: Easier than I thought, felt quite good and positive, A little light headed and weak, and achy legs.
Weight end of day 2: 78,4Kg

Day 3

Had a rough night last night, very bad sleeping, waking up often with this “fast” playing on my mind.
However, when I woke up  this morning (around 08:00),  my mind seemed to have worked through whatever issues it had had as I now feel at peace about it all, I did have an aching back which I think felt like kidneys but nothing bad and it went as soon as I got up and started walking about.

Can’t say I am hungry, but I am still thinking of food here and there, aching legs that I had yesterday seem to have almost disappeared although I feel slower and I guess weaker, my arms feel heavy.
For the first few hours of the day I had a lightheaded almost dizzy feeling, not over whelming but definitely there, it subsided somewhat and I drove to the local town. No problems walking in town although I was taking my time.
I have been feeling breathless most of the day so far (it’s now 13.00), however, I have read other peoples accounts of fasting and it seems to be my breathing pattern has changed naturally, deeper and from the stomach area. This was uncomfortable and a little worrying to begin with, but after reading others accounts it feels ok, the mind is a wonderful thing lol.

It is now 16:00 and I have got used to the breathing, I have noticed that my heart seems to beating stronger, but this maybe that I am just aware of it more.
I have a very slight headache, again nothing bad, but I notice it.
I am more aware of sounds, smells and colours, there seems to be more clarity in all my senses.
My heart rate while sitting at my desk typing is 75bpm which is up from my usual 66.
Summary: Probably the best day so far, no problems and feeling positive.
Weight end of day 3: 77.2Kg


Day 4 Last day

I woke up and felt great as I laid in bed, and then I got up slowly, thinking this will be easy, I was wrong! I felt like shit as soon as I got out of bed, very washed out and had trouble moving. I went outside to sit in the sun (I was extremely grateful it was a nice sunny day). I sat and meditated for a while, maybe 25 minutes, and started to feel a lot better, although not nearly as good as yesterday!

The rest of the day I felt extremely weak, every movement was an effort, on top of that I had a dull head ache, nothing major, but it was there annoying me.

Then came the hunger demons, and when I mean demons I mean food industry demons, all I could think about was McDonalds, KFC, Burger  King and Pizza Hut, it was like the ghost of gluttony past, I could almost taste the rubbish, I craved them, some o f the worse cravings I have had. Of course if someone put the food in front of me I would have not eaten it, but it would have been torture. As I have been practically vegan for the last 3 years I realised how much this junk food industry has a real hold on people, to crave this shit after so many years is outstanding, and puts it in the same ball park as nicotine. I haven’t smoked for over 6 years and still get cravings for that, much like many ex smokers, so you get my point?

I found myself questioning the reason for doing this fast almost every hour. It was a long long day and certainly very challenging on my mind and will power.

Summary: The worse day by far, extremely weak in the body, and by far mentally the most challenging.
Weight: 76.5kg


Breaking of the fast.

Breaking the fast was not that difficult as this was relatively a short fast, so I started with a small amount of fruit, and then moved onto salad through the day, the next day I was able to eat normally yet in smaller quantities as I became “full” very quickly.
After eating I did feel a little nauseous for the first few days, but nothing to worrying.



The 4 day fast was difficult of course, but it is something I will certainly do again, in fact I intend to do a 3 day fast on a monthly basis to help keep my body and mind in check.
As I am relatively healthy I did not have many healing pains, apart from some shoulder pain which I had an injury 2 years ago, the pains subsided 2 days after the fast.
Spiritually, and this was the main reason for fasting, I can say, it was enlightening, in the way that I felt very clear in my mind, meditation was easier and how I can only explain as more intense . The effect seems to have lasted even after 5 days. I feel lighter in my head and less stressed. So all in all I can say it was worth doing.


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