Life as an Indigo

When I was a young child, as far back as I can remember I have always felt different, I could describe it as not belonging here or knowing I had a purpose but not sure what it was. I didn’t quite fit in with friends, school was just a chore, and life seemed so strange, although I do have fond memories of my childhood in many ways.
My teenage years were no different, not fitting in, feeling very different, but had a notion of having some purpose. I was very interested in the occult and ESP (extra sensory perception), this was a time before the internet, so I was scouring libraries for books on these subjects. More importantly I felt that there was more than just meets the eye, aware of my higher-self you could say.
My friends thought I was quite odd, in fact one old friend was reminiscing the other day about how I used to think I was superman and had psychic powers, which he obviously thought was hilarious.  Of course I was not superman, I didn’t even have the costume or even red underpants to wear over my trousers. But, I had experienced Astral projection, premonitions and other “weird” things.
I lived with my grandmother (Nan) and grandfather from the age of 10, my Nan was an alcoholic (not that I knew that back then), she would hide bottles of whiskey, she was never violent, never abusive, and no one seemed to know she had been drinking, except me, I could tell even when she entered the room, my Nan didn’t seem to be there after a drink, or not entirely there at least, her energy felt different, and I didn’t like it, but it was my Nan so I would of course brush the feeling aside. Interestingly I read an article yesterday about Alcohol, how it lowers your vibrations and allows entities to take over your actions.

When I reached 20 I threw myself into music, formed a band and actually felt like I had found some path that fitted me. The strange thing was I hated pubs and clubs, too many people to fit in with, too many drunk people and too many emotions to pick up on (of course I had forced myself to tolerate them and on the surface seemed to enjoy them when I went, partly to fit in with my mates and partly to try and feel “normal” for myself). However, when I played on stage I felt apart from the mob in front of me, I had my guitar and mic, and I was in my bubble, for someone that was an introvert I had an addiction to the admiration and act of performing, even though I would nearly physically be sick before I went up on stage.  Playing music allowed me for the first time to express my feelings in a way that made sense and in some way I felt that some listeners would actual understand those feelings.
Unfortunately I could not tolerate the rest of the band, I think this was mutual, I refused to go out socialising with them even though I considered them to be close friends, after all I had indirectly opened up to them on a level I had never done with anyone before by way of expressing my feelings though music. But, I just did not fit in.

My last years in school and career path has been varied to say the least, and I cannot even count  how many jobs I have had, I have been a baker, Office manager, Accountant, Computer programmer, Car Mechanic, Managing Director, tyre fitter, sales man, Truck Driver, Cleaner, Waiter (for a day), and the list goes on and on. I have stuck at nothing although I have enjoyed all the experiences (for a short while).

From the age of around 28 after the band fell apart, I tried to be a main streamer,  “Normal” person, pushed any spirituality to the back of my mind and concentrate on buying a house and setting up in business. I was semi successful, in fact on paper my company made me a millionaire, and while this was a great feeling, it did not fulfil me.

Indigo Children
Indigo Children

In 2009 when I was 38 I met my Twin Flame (look out for another blog post on Twin Flame union). Which put me back on my spiritual path, essentially to my full awakening and discovering my purpose, or perhaps I should say our purpose, I no longer have the feeling of being lonely either.
On top of that our 2 children are also Indigo/crystal children.

I have a Son who is in his twenties, who was diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum, he was subsequently prescribed narcotics from the doctor which has not helped him, of course he is also Indigo, over the past year we have gotten particularly close (even though we live apart in different countries) as he has also gone through a big awakening in the past year or so.

We live in exciting times it seems, the reason for us Indigos/crystal/rainbow, starseeds, or light workers (call it what you will) have come here for, for ascension.

10 signs of being Indigo.

  1. The feeling (knowing) you are different to most people around, be it in school, in work or amongst friends.
  2. Not accepting authority or understanding how people can be in a position of having “power” over others. This can lead to problems in school, keeping a job or even trouble with the law. Indigo’s often become “rebels”, wanting to overturn “the man”.
  3. Have a feeling that you are here on this planet for a purpose, you may not know what but it is a very real nagging feeling in the back of your mind – this can often result in you feeling “special” (which you are).
  4. Struggling in school – school has many things that do not sit right for the indigo. Too many people, rules and regulations, absolute authority over everything (clothing, daily schedule, what you must learn and even when you go to the toilet or can eat), and on top of that either lessons that have no relevance or lessons that are boring due to the indigo’s ability to learn quickly and often already knowing what they are being taught.
  5. Often able to solve problems where solutions seems to just come from within – Indigo’s are in tune with the universe and it’s divinity and realise everything is connected (and that means EVERYTHING). Male indigo’s generally excel in the mechanical and electronic areas, for example, instinctively knowing what is wrong with a vehicle or computer, although, sometimes they do not have the immediate skill set to rectify the problem, which can lead to some frustration. Thankfully indigo’s are quick learners and jack of all trades when needed.
    Female indigo’s often are more drawn towards animals and connect with them, they communicate and understand them .
    There is no absolute divide or rules to the male and female indigo’s, this is just a generalisation.
  6. Indigo’s are Empathic, feeling (or seeing) peoples auras. therefore close contact or too many people around them can overwhelm the indigo, sometimes causing panic. Ironically a lot of Indigo’s do not show their feelings to others, keeping themselves guarded but to a very few select people in their lives – interestingly people will be drawn to indigo’s and feel like they can talk to them about their problems and so on.
  7. Drawn to spirituality and the “paranormal” – Indigo’s are fully aware that there is more than the physical world we live in, being very open minded even about religions although not prepared to bow to the dogmatic constricts of any one religions belief system.
  8. Often diagnosed with psychological illnesses such as being on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (mainly males), borderline (females), ADHD and social phobia – this can result in therapy or medical drugs being prescribed. This is due to the mainstream not understanding or accepting Indigo’s.
    These diagnoses often add to the woes of the Indigo.
  9. Creative – Whether it be music, art, writing or sculpting, indigo’s have a great desire to be creative.
  10. Frustration and Depression – This is not such a great sign, after all many people have this due to lack of success in their job, lack of money, bad relationships or just not happy with their place in life. However, Frustration and Depression can and does effect Indigo’s, after all not fitting in, being empathic and having to deal with a very low vibrating world really can take its toll on us. The good thing is, we have the strength to rise above this and raise our vibration (especially now), and there are natural foods and herbs and medicines that are there to help us on our way. After all we are all connected and not least with Gaia and her offerings.


There are other signs of course, but I have tried to list the ones that relate mostly to my own experiences, and although you may not meet all of them yourself, the main thing is that this is meant as a guide and to help you understand you are not alone.


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