5 ways to manifest abundance.

Waking  up to enlightenment and spirituality, you find many changes start to happen, not least in your way of thinking and perceiving things.
One of those things may be your current job, how you feel about being a slave to the system, working yourself to the bone just to pay the bills, put food on the table and maybe have a few consumable luxury items. Or, maybe you are in a well paid job/business and get good money so you have an abundance of money and material things but you are lacking other things, like time to enjoy nature, yourself, family or to pursue your interests. You could even be someone who is just surviving on welfare, forced to shop for the cheapest food products, relying on second hand shops or hand me downs for clothing and so on.

Firstly realise that the universe wants you to be abundant in all your desires, it doesn’t matter how long you have been struggling or the current situation in your life past or present.   Its more about what vibration you are resonating at from now and onwards. The universe is always listening and ready to send abundance to you, always has done. In fact you can see that if you look, here is a simple example:
Can you recall a day when everything has gone wrong? It starts with you stubbing you toe as you get out of bed, closely followed by dropping your cup as you go to make your morning coffee, closely followed by another irritating event. You think “Oh great, it’s going to be one of those days” , and guess what, it is. Why? because you are manifesting it and the universe will gladly oblige, you are sending out a low negative vibration and the universe does not discriminate it freely gives its abundant energy your way regardless of its intention. Why did it all start to go wrong, because in the first instance it was your waking vibration followed by your perception of the first irritating event.
You must have had days where you have woken up with that feeling “it’s going to be a great day today” and it usually is, even a toe stubbing, and a coffee cup smashing will not rock your boat, because you are in a positive vibration, your perception is tuned into only positivity, and the universe will follow suit by sending you all those positive energies.

5 Ways to manifest abundance:

  1. Realise your true concept of abundance and avoid self conflict -This is probably one of the most important points.
    Whatever you manifest abundance it should always be in line with your heart’s desire.
    It’s no good trying to manifest a promotion at work if what you really want is to be doing something different in life all together. The universe listens to your heart not your head – this is very prevalent as you are on the path of enlightenment and ascension.
  2. Fully accept, embrace and acknowledge your abundant natureand own it!
    Open your heart fully to your abundant nature, open your arms physically, breath deep and imagine all the universe energy, all the positive earth energy, the sun and the nature energy pouring into your heart like a glowing light, imagine the feeling filling you up with a warm glow of positive light.
  3. Have a clear vision of your aspiration.
    Remember the universe hears all your thoughts, so having unclear or mixed messages will not bode well for you. Therefore changing your mind and not having conviction in your thoughts will only reflect back into your manifestations.
  4. Spend some time with your positive affirmations frequently.Take time out in a quiet place to picture yourself living in your accomplished goals as if it is now. When it comes to financial issues imagine, no stress, feeling grateful, and being able to afford all the things that your desire. *Remember this is not about greed, or consumerism, this is about being able to live a spiritually abundant life in a system that requires money at this particular moment in time.Your emotions are especially important as they are the voice that shouts loudest at the universe to tell it what you want to manifest. Anger, fear or greed for example are negative emotions, we do not want those flying about our daily lives.
  5. Remove your personal obstacles.
    Many of us fall short at this step of spiritual attraction. When you are healthy spiritually, emotionally and mentally you can put intention into anything you want, the desired outcome comes quickly and with little trouble. If you have persistently put intention into the lifestyle and wealth you want to achieve and the results have not been forthcoming, then it may be that you are blocking your desire from manifesting.
    There are some good exercises to start with:

    • Take a moment out in a quiet place, imagine 6 months or so from now what financial and lifestyle you desire to be in. Dwell in that aspiration for a while, however long you like in fact.
    • Then, imagine six months from now again, but this time what you “Expect ” your financial and lifestyle you will have.
      Are the two different? If so, why?
    • What thoughts, emotions and beliefs are coming up when you focus on what you “expect” to have? This will give you a good idea of the things you need to start working on within yourself, like doubt, negativity, low self esteem or hopelessness.Clearing these 3D negative emotions needs to be your top priority, not just for your aspirations to manifest but for your entire well being.
      If your car is not working properly you do not try to improve the performance before repairing the problems that are causing it to run bad.


And finally remember, if something is persistently not working then maybe you need to change what you are doing.  Fully and truthfully ask yourself if you are happy with what you doing to manifest your reality, if there is doubt ask yourself why and like I mentioned before follow your heart, not your head, and certainly throw away those negative emotions. file-2017-01-17-22-09-49


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